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Alileo Wines



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85%less landfill
50%less transport emissions
30days fresh after opening
Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Eco Friendly

(translation: our collection of boxed wine)

Our ‘Festina Box’ Is exactly as advertised: a party in a box. LA FESTINA! You will get one of each of our varietals (a 1.5 liter of Syrah, Rosato Bronzato di Syrah, Zibibbo, and Young Grillo…. aka an 8 bottle equivalent) in one remarkable taste tour of all our box wines. Why have just one party when you can have four? Sharing makes the world go round! 

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Our goal is to create wines that start by respecting the natural pace and taste of Sicily. Experience Alileo. Bring Sicily home… natural wines brought to you in the most environmentally-friendly high-performance packaging. Enjoy wild.