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ZIBIBBO MACERATO with Glass Carafe from Rocco Bormioli

ZIBIBBO MACERATO with Glass Carafe from Rocco Bormioli

Lovely hazy straw color. Citrus jasmine and muscat notes with a honeysuckle finish.
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1 box = 4 bottles
Varietal: Zibibo
12.5% Alcohol
85%less landfill
50%less transport emissions
30days fresh after opening
Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Eco Friendly

(translation: a light and fruitier white)

How fun is it to say ‘Zibibbo’? Oh, you feel it. Say it again! It’s FOR SURE more fun than its original name, ‘Muscat of Alexandria’. This white, hazy, citrusy wine manifests as a Sicilian summer day on your pallet. Sweet jasmine notes and Sicilian lemons come to mind as you search for words to rhyme with Zibibbo…. and the day idles by - with great intention.

Lovely hazy straw color. Citrus, jasmine, and muscat notes with a honeysuckle finish. 


This pack includes a glass carafe from Rocco Bormioli with measurements to serve 500mL, 750mL, and 1 Liter. The perfect addition to your holiday table and a wonderful way to enhance the feeling of sophistication while enjoying alileo wines.

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Our goal is to create wines that start by respecting the natural pace and taste of Sicily. Experience Alileo. Bring Sicily home… natural wines brought to you in the most environmentally-friendly high-performance packaging. Enjoy wild.