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Rosato Bronzato 1.5L

Rosato Bronzato 1.5L

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(translation: a deep rose)

In Sicily, there is a slang term for what happens after one partakes in some sporty imbibing. That term is ‘Bronzato’. Which, when translated, means tanned from the sun. In this case, it’s referencing the FEELING of being tanned. So what better way to explain our Rosato? Alileo's Rosato Bronzato is made from 100% Syrah grapes, and makes one FEEL juicy and lively. Just like a nice tan feels. That’s why everyone loves Rosato Bronzato.

Soft velvety texture with fresh berries on the palate. Drinks like you're on the beach soaking in the sun. 

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Our goal is to create wines that start by respecting the natural pace and taste of Sicily. Experience Alileo. Bring Sicily home… natural wines brought to you in the most environmentally-friendly high-performance packaging. Enjoy wild.